The WHOIS information of a domain name is a collection of a number of details that are publicly accessed through special lookup Internet sites or a command line. The protocol that makes this possible carries the same name and you may easily see the company where an Internet domain has been registered, the creation, expiration and last update dates along with the names, postal and e-mail address of those listed as Registrant (owner), Administrative, Technical and Billing contacts for a particular domain. All this information has to be valid and up-to-date all the time; if it's not the domain name registration can be challenged. The latter is a policy of ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), so you should always ensure that the WHOIS details of your domains are valid. Updating the WHOIS for several country-code TLDs is limited, so when you register a brand new domain, you ought to double-check the information that you're submitting.

Full WHOIS Management in Shared Web Hosting

Handling the WHOIS details of any domain address registered using our company is very easy using our Hepsia hosting Control Panel. The tool comes with each shared web hosting plan and it has a section committed to your domains in which all registrations will be listed in alphabetical order. You'll be able to click on any domain to see its current WHOIS details and with just a few mouse clicks more you can update any part of it. Hepsia will even allow you to update multiple Internet domains at one time and you'll be able to edit any detail the respective top-level Registry allows to be changed. For several country-code TLDs, automatic updates of the owner names are not possible through the CP, so you can contact us 24/7 and we will help you with the process. There aren't any restrictions of any sort regarding the WHOIS updates of generic TLDs.

Full WHOIS Management in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you register or transfer a domain to our company and you have got a semi-dedicated server plan, you shall be able to check out and modify the domain name WHOIS details without difficulty through the same Hepsia Control Panel in which you will handle the hosting space. It will require literally only a mouse click to see what info a domain is currently registered with. With a couple of more you'll be able to change any part of the WHOIS information and if you'd like to do a mass update, you can simply select a number of domain names as Hepsia enables you to control domains in bulk. You won't have to go through your domains one by one if you'd like to change the email address for all of them, as an example. If you own a domain name that supports WHOIS updates, though not automatic ones, you can contact us and we can walk you through the task and help you up until the change takes effect. That is required for some country-code extensions only, as the generic ones have zero limitations related to WHOIS updates and you may change everything and at any moment via your CP.